We assure you of committed and dedicated support during the setting up and commencement of operations of your e-commerce business platform. The real estate business in Dubai, UAE is a sought-after one, with intense competitiveness in the market for investor license all year round. Apply for the required visas, including residency visas for yourself, employees, and domestic staff. Follow the five-step process, including entry permit, status adjustment, medical and fitness test, Emirates ID registration, and visa stamping. Dubai has consistently maintained its position as a leading global business hub, with remarkable growth observed in various sectors such as trade, finance, and logistics. In light of this, establishing a general trading company in Dubai can prove to be a highly advantageous investment opportunity.

The Key Benefits of Obtaining a Free Zone License in Dubai

Select the appropriate Dubai Offshore Free Zone for your offshore company formation. Some well-known offshore free zones in Dubai include JAFZA Offshore, RAKICC, and Ajman Offshore. Prepare and submit the application along with the required documents to the chosen free zone authority. If you choose to set up your business in a free zone, you will need to obtain approvals and permits from the respective free zone authority where your business will be located. For businesses related to maritime and shipping activities, you may need to obtain approvals from the DMCA.

How do you start selling online in the UAE?

That being said, it does require a level of prior knowledge of the process. What’s more, it is important to note that the application process is only straightforward if your license application is complete at the time of submission and free from errors.

Business Activity:

“If you are a resident and all of the shareholders of the company are going to be individuals, then the business set up process is easier and cheaper compared to a corporate business. So, a business that is onshore and is started by individuals has a relatively straightforward set-up process, with some fixed and variable costs,” he said. The business opportunities that DMCC provides are endless, offering over 900 distinct business activities from a range of 20 sectors. Having registered a record breaking 2025 new companies in 2020, DMCC has positioned themselves as one of the world’s most interconnected business districts, and is set to shape the future of trade in 2021.

Read more about business setup in Dubai here. Submit your license application to the Department of Economic Development . Choose a suitable business location and acquire a tenancy contract, duly attested by Ejari. Apply for initial approval from the Department of Economic Development . You can engage in trading various goods, except for restricted industries, without the need for additional licenses. Below is the comprehensive break down of the fees involved when setting up a company in JAFZA. With Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai International Airport at a distance of 24km and 40km respectively, the Free Zone is such a relief when it comes to customs and air cargo operations. The area is well-connected to major highways of Dubai such as E11 and E311 making transportation and logistics through buses, cars and metro trains an easy breeze.